Parallware is an source-to-source parallelizing compiler for sequential simulation programs. ParallWare automatically discovers the parallelism available in the input sequential code, and automatically generates parallel-equivalent source code annotated with OpenMP compiler directives. The targets are modern computers based on multi-core processors.

The target audience are programmers, software developers,  researchers, engineers and scientists from industry and academy that use compute-intensive simulations in their application areas.


  • Seamlessly accelerate your code on multi-core computers.
  • Fully automatic generation of OpenMP-enabled parallel source code, preserving maintainability and human readability.
  • Focus on your business or science. No need to learn any new language or new API.
  • Develop sequential code and run it in parallel. No need of expertise in parallel programming and HPC techniques.
  • Independence and portability across future hardware generations.
  • Dramatic increase in programmer’s productivity.